Cheeky movie posters that take their titles very literally
Milo Sumner,

We’re thoroughly tickled by these graphical re-imaginings of famous movie posters. Indian designer Danish Ahmed conjured up this series of images that take their titles very literally, and are hilarious besides. Steering clear of the overfamiliar…

Pensacola Beach!!! (Taken with instagram)

Three games of basketball last night and the ol’ knee is feeling it today! (Taken with instagram)

$25 “Good Things Come To Those Who Work Every Day…

$25 “Good Things Come To Those Who Work Every Day Of Their Lives And Never Quit.”

May 12, 2012 32 notes



screen­print. by Fran­cis­co Andri­ani.

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These are cool.

Fundación Proa

Fundación Proa busi­ness cards by Clara Fernández.

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Carolyn and her Cheetos. (Taken with instagram)

Pensacola Blue Wahoos game! (Taken with instagram)